October 26, 2009

sculpture in context : Part 10 : inspiration : children's drawings

Continuing the story of "The Seven year old tree" Sculpture.

The initial idea in trying to bring a child's drawing of a tree to life came from
these pictures my daughter Cait drew when she was 9. They have pride of place in our house.

caits pictures

Children's interpretations and depictions of their world are even better than the real thing ....

In making this sculpture, I wanted to recreate the trees I remembered drawing as a child,
where all the apples were shaped like the number 6's and the trunks were up curled at the edges ,

I found from the children of Scoil and tSeachtar Laoch that the
21st century interpretation of that had heart shaped apples, and trucks with holes for some sort of animal life...

seven year old tree drawing s

Another thing that struck me was how , with just a few exceptions there was a sun drawn in almost all the pictures

sunshine drawings

I hope that no sun just means a non-conformist,.... with a Morrissey attitude to those ''dreaded sunny days" .

When putting my proposal together I had to show how it would be constructed and I toyed with the idea of putting a child's step by step interpretation on it.....this was a rough draft ....


But I ended up with something much more prosaic....


Fortunately/Unfortunately the adult (addled) in me took over ,

Picasso said “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”.
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