March 7, 2024

Mallow Community National school sculptures

The sculptures for Mallow community national school were finally installed last week.This project was over a year in the making and included full pupil participation .
The brief asked for an exploration of the five core values of the School i.e. Excellence in Education,Care, Equality, Community and Respect.
The pupils were asked to respond to these themes in written and drawing assignments. I converted the pupils drawings into decal ‘buttons’ which formed part of the design of the fabric decoration of each sculpture . In keeping with the ethos of this Educate Together school I insured that each and every pupil of the school was represented in the final design.There is an interactive element to the sculptures ,they are life sized and accessible for pupil interaction. The faces of each sculpture are recessed into the circular shape and are made from mirrored stainless steel .



Springdale road : Sensory Garden : Edenmore: Dublin


August 16, 2023

St. Vincents Special National School Mosaic.


The Sensory Mosaic for the water feature in St.Vincents Special National School ,Navan Road, Dublin is now installed.

Thanks to Landscape Architect Simone Kennedy of for this wonderful commission.
Thank you to all the students and staff of St.Vincents Special National School for putting up with us while we were installing and for being such lovely and loving people . Thanks to Cáit for all her brilliant assistance and Special thanks as always to “ there's only one Joe Fahey”

June 11, 2021

St. Oliver's Sensory Wall.

Thanks so much to Elaine Naughton, of Simon J Kelly architects for this commission.  Marieta Nolan, Principal of St. Oliver's Special school for all her help and advice. Phillida Eves, Sensory Engagement Consultant for her advice. Cáit Fahey for all her brillant assistance .  Matej Puljek for his framing and installation skills . All the artists who contributed their work to this sensory piece, Áine Byrne, Anne Brown, Miriam Robinson, Emma O'Toole , Loughlin Brady Smith and Helen O'Dea. Tom McCarthy of Mapei for all his help with adhesion and grouting supplies .

Special thanks and praise to Joe Fahey , tanker, tiler, framer, installer, HERO.  




4 months later, This is the after photo.

January 15, 2021

New Project for 2021

 This will be the before picture. 

Working on design details for now. 

December 18, 2020

Video of the making and installation of Tree

Hilary Morley, the curator for this commission made this video of the making and the installation of the tree sculpture for Gaelscoil Mhic Amhlaigh.

Hilary was a huge support to me throughout this project, she was  the 'roots' of this tree and I'd like to thank her for her involvement. I'd also like to thank  Shane Holland and Dowd Engineering for their involvement in the steel element of the structure,  John Ryan Groundworks for the foundation and tarmac replacement. Matej Puljek for his champion sealing abilities , Tom McCarthy of Mapei for all his technical assistance and product advice . Cáit Fahey for her assistance and most especially as always, Joe Fahey for all his trojan help and support .

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