June 5, 2009

side project: my garden in june

My own garden is looking at its loveliest now,
what with this gorgeous sunshine and al fresco dining.

2 years ago I got my new studio built and my old back garden
that i'd lovingly tended for 10 years had to go, the only thing
we managed to save was the central portugese laurel tree
that my mother in law bought us when we first moved in.

Myself and joe created this garden you now see from scratch ,
It's our third baby.

This is the shady part of the garden,

My unfinished masterpiece. Our old couch, transformed
with a cement coating and awaiting mosaic adornment.

MY herbaceous border, ever since I saw the herbaceous
border in the botanic gardens I've coveted one.

Joe's shed aka Joes studio aka "ma's building a room for christy"

Right side of garden

Left side of garden :
And now for some close ups

Ginko ,ferns and mosaic dragonflies

the portugese laurel about to bloom

beautiful geraniums

bees love my foxgloves and why wouldn't they?
look at pollen on that!

My honeysuckle and other assorted gorgeousness
and below the same image at night time.

Night time sitting in the garden in June in Ireland still
involves coat wearing .

My summer dress and my winter coat..
Have a very happy weekend.

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