June 3, 2009

Having a nosey: BLOOM IN THE PARK garden festival

Can't quite tear myself away from anything Bloom related so to wind me down from my weeks exhilaration at The  Bloom in the park garden festival 
I thought I'd combine my occasional HAVING A NOSEY feature to show you a 
little of what I saw and loved at Bloom .

My Absolute favourite garden was the Ag cur Baisti garden
by Anu Green Designs. 
What an amazing rooftop garden,

I've never seen vertical planting 
quite as brilliant as this  

Even more brilliant was the fact that this was an outdoor shower area 

More of their vertical planting against a stunning
black/slate coloured backdrop 


This is from the Urban Native garden by Doylescapes,
I have tried and failed to plant a chamomile lawn,
but this is a really clever way of doing it ,a  perfect combination of soft and
hard landscaping 

more from the urban native garden 

This is the garden  Sheena Vernon created on a miniscule budget,
Love the clever use of pallets for garden chairs.

Big on my favourites  list was this, The great escape by Fiann O'Nuallain
The photo doesn't do it justice as I don't have a wide angle lense 
but this was a huge mound of earth covered in beautiful wild flowers
with 2 huge oars on either side with the most stunning blue wall
as a backdrop. 

Lurene Tallons The Jewel Garden,

More vertical gardening from Maximilian Temper,
Vegetables ,herbs and  fruits all growing on this  wall 

Niall Maxwells Weekend review

The secluded water garden by Frazer McDonogh Designs 
The blue wall in the background belongs to the
great escape garden but doesn't it really work here too?

Keelings naturally fresh garden, a magical and fruity garden
that everyone I spoke to loved. It was just so quirky.
The day we were installing the mosaic pieces a family of
ducks came down and settled into the water feature,
they were being referred to as the avant garde ducks.

Aubergine garden :Dominick Cullinane Landscapes 

The Translucency garden of Liat and Oliver Schurmann

And I can't resist just a little few more photos
of Gary Foran's Harmonium garden .
This is a shot of the water feature with my mosaic panels
in the background 

At the end of the show we took  barriers and ropes away to 
get a better shot of the entire garden.  

Another harmonium close up, This one shows the water drops 
that were the symbol that inspired my design for the mosaic 

A rare plant species:   treenager  

My favorite of the 263 photos I took,
It's my mother-in-law, Eileens hand and glasses,
and the plant she  bought me .  
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