February 8, 2011

our house....before we wrecked it.....

I’m waiting for a change in the weather before I can install the latest ‘ Fort & Wood” commission
So, I’m going back in time for this post 
The day after we had the photographer here for the HOUSE & HOME magazine 
photoshoot I took advantage of that never since repeated tidiness and had the in-house photographer take some more in-house photos 
house photoshoot  may 2010
Here are some of those photos , the text in italics is some of the unprinted questions and 
answers from the article 
What are your main inspirations ?
It's probably quite relevant that as a mosaic artist and surface decorator it’s the mosaic art form of 
Pique assiette that has greatly informed my Artwork, my interior design sensibilities and my style.  
Pique assiette is  about reusing  materials in a different way ,It’s about thinking laterally ,it’s about 
humour, the art of recycling ,the significance of found objects and it’s about using what you've got.
I 've also found that  Necessity is indeed "the mother of invention." 
My DIning room 1
In your answers, it would be great if you can make reference to the following items which may be selected in photography: 
Your art  
Over the last 20 years my home has been the blank canvass for my artistic experiments and expression . 
I work mainly doing  glass and mosaic work but I make lots of other things.....and I collect things. 
One of the walls in the dining room houses my toy-portraits collection, they are  my "self-portrait as a cartoon character" 
pictures,also known as " Events in our lifes as depicted by kept and found chlldrens toys "
Every year I try to learn at least one other new technique/medium/skill. This fruit bowl  resulted from 
a glass slumping workshop, the ‘two flowers’ print over the light switch below came out of another 
textile and screen-printing workshop 
My DIning room  2
Tell us about colour choices in your home - for example, the darker colours in your living room, the blue floor, and the turquoise. 
Why do you like them? 
I absolutely LOVE black, It's my favourite colour,like white , it complements every other colour, 
I've had a black feature wall in my home for over 8 years now. I was inspired by an article on the English 
architect Edward Luytens who believed every  home should have at least one room painted black. 
I've also painted one of the walls in my sons bedroom black and that doubles as a chalkboard, 
With black its just win win . 

Front room
 Tell us about the most treasured things in your home
Cáit’s drawings : In the front room on  the wall to the right of the guitars are two pictures my daughter Cáit drew when she was 8  . 
They amaze me . 
Front room fireplace
treasured things [cont.]
There is a ceramic car on my mantlepiece in the front room , it was the first christmas present 
Joe gave me, He's bought it off a Nigerian street dealer outside Clarendon St. church in Dublin 
in the early 80's , he'd said it was a Nigerian 'kitch' car, apparently that's a Nigerian 
wedding car??? We never felt the need for a formal ceremony after that......
front room bookshelf
In your answers, it would be great if you can make reference to the following items which may be selected in photography:
The items on the open sideboard (turquoise background) and the photo on the wall 
I think of these open shelves as a piece of collage/ assemblage work,  a temporary art installation 
if you like, . everything on it and around it pretty much tells you a lot about us as a family ,  
There’s  a little bit of every one's stories  on these shelves . Things that are personal ,
favourite  and meaningful .  
It’s a work in progress and it keeps changing.
The photo on the wall 
I mentioned my daughter Cáit's drawings as an 8 year old as being one of  the  treasures , 
This photo is on the opposite wall and is another one of her artworks.  
We only have it on  loan though as  it’s part of a forthcoming photography exhibition."Legacy" 
Very soon after these photographs were taken we started on the new
extension and now, all has changed , changed utterly ......
The new rooms are too shy for their close up just now,.....but 
one day.....one day .....

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