January 27, 2011

Everything you need to know about the second year of the jaboopee blog

It feels like it was only this day last year I was doing a post titled
everything you need to know about the first year of the jaboopee 
two for joy

So to commisserate celebrate , some blogging highlights from the second year. 

juxtapose the joys of parenthood and family holiday 1972
                                              Our Family Holiday 1972

Photographic juxtapositions here

The proposal application outfit here

The proposal application result here

aesthetic theme 1 Flowers in my work
This " seven aesthetic themes to my work "  post had a very prophetic ending.

Skulduggery here

The collage and assemblage results here 

Invisible Wardrobe  3
The invisible wardrobe here with a moving one here

mise: drawing room
A guest post here

The smoke and mirror report here 

The reasons why I've not been blogging so much here

me in my bathroom
Being in House and Home magazine here

me n breegeen
Being St.Brigid here

full size
Seeing St.Brigid here

All the St Brigid work in progress posts are here

There is one further highlight that I was too shy to blog about ,
I think it may astound you ,

i knit a hat

I knit a hat 

Thank you 
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