December 9, 2010

St. Brigid Mosaic : Part 10: Creating the magical flowers

I mentioned the pupil participation element of this project here
Every pupil was asked to draw a magical flower and I chose one from each 
age group (4 - 12 ),which I then attempted to replicate as closely as possible in glass .
The following photos detail that process , 
if you wish, you can click on links below the photos to see each one in greater detail

All the magical flower drawings

Making the  flowers
from top, left to right
1. complex glass cuts 1, 2. flower heads in place, 3. the leaves
4. my flowers 1, 5. my flowers 2, 6. my flowers 3
7. age detail, 8. making the name plaque, 9. sparkling in the sunshine

finished flowers pre-grout
from top, left to right
1. finished 4 year old flower, 2. finished 5 year old flower, 3. finished 6 year old flower
4. finished 7 year old flower, 5. finished 8 year old flower, 6. finished 9 year old flower,
7. finished 10 year old flower, 8. finished 11 year old flower, 9. finished 12 year old flower

and finally a photo of the finished St. Brigid Mosaic showing the flower detail .

  The magical flowers detail
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