November 20, 2010

St. Brigid Mosaic : Part 9: Photographs of finished mosaic

The legends  of St.Brigid read  like an amazing fairy tale ,
I was inspired  to create something fantastical for this commission.

All the following quotes are taken from my proposal.....which i detailed here

full size
"The shape of the mosaic is cruciform and mirrors the shape of a St. Brigid’s cross." 
outstreched arms . 

"I have portrayed St. Brigid as life -sized and have placed her to the forefront of the piece , she is standing , arms outstretched ,
 Her stance and expression are welcoming and caring . She is surrounded by a fantastical and extremely colourful landscape.....
...The school’s association with the Liffey Valley is represented in the fantastical landscape that stretches behind St. Brigid."
shimmer and sparkle
 St. Brigid  is wearing a beautiful magical cloak  . It’s intricate design 
is a magnificently decorative  and elaborate  patchwork that shimmers and sparkles........'  

cloak and floor 2
 "......and extends out to envelope the floor before her." 

"I have incorporated the many legends and stories associated with St. Brigid within the mosaic." 

" the magical cloak "
clasp detail
"The clasp holding her cloak together denotes her connection to  Smithcraft".
"The tree  is a representation of the oak tree beside which St. Brigid sited her monastery ". 
flowers in a row 2
"The imaginary mythical vegetation surrounding  her represents spring flowers 
and the healing herbalism she is associated with ".  
These flowers replicate exactly the 'magical' flowers drawn by the schoolchildren. 
There is a flower from each age group from 4 to 12   

halo 2
"St. Brigid was named after the goddess of fire and her glowing/golden  halo 
is  symbolic of this . A ring of golden spring flowers will form a part of the halo motif," 
"Her love of all creatures on earth will be  represented by ‘hidden’ depictions of 
these creatures ,thus adding a playful element to the piece."  

Next post I will try to detail the pupil participation element...

photography  by cáit fahey 
( you can see photographs in more detail here )

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