May 10, 2010

The St. Brigid Mosaic : Part 1 : The Proposal

It's full steam ahead on the proposal I was recently awarded and was being all 
mysterious about here and  here 
sbm 5
The brief from a Girls National school in Dublin for this proposal was to
 " Design and make  an interior 2D Mosaic/Stained-Glass Artwork ,
the content of which should centre around the image of  St. Brigid .
It should be child-friendly and invite pupil participation in its construction" 
As you could tell from this blog post here I was very happy to be the successful artist.  

This is a little photographic sneak peak from the proposal stage 
sbm 2
The legend of St. Brigid's cloak was the main inspiration for the design.
sbm 3
I made Gold and copper leaf glass samples for the dress
sbm 1
The design is still a work in progress as the fun part i.e  the pupil participation bit is about to begin. 
To be continued .....

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