April 22, 2010

A slightly animated invisible wardrobe

My wardrobe is getting a lot of virtual vistors ,
{and me still in bed.!}  Thanks for all your lovely comments,
Please indulge me on yet another post on the matter.
I made this GIF to celebrate .......
gif maker

Post edit: is it normal for a GIF to disappear after a few days ??
if it's not here now , it must be !

.... my wardrobe being featured in Apartment Therapy yesterday, 
check it out here...( swit swoo Elaine Prunty from Drumcondra )

AND, I got a lovely mention here too

And another lovely mention here also
I was too shy to point out in the last post that the bed linen is all hand made by moi.
Pillow Fabric was once a scaft/sari I sourced in Barcelona and 
Duvet cover is fabric from my favourite shop , Murphy Sheehys

Amongst lots of other things, I also collect gilt mirrors, 
These ones are all market and auction finds .
There's another photo of my pre-blue bedroom with mirrors here 
And just to really make Flora really sick I upholstered the chair myself
I am now resting.

Post edit : how could I forgot ..This shyness has really got to me....
The gilding of the bed was a DIY job too , but I had the wonderful tutorship and 
assistance of an amazing talented artist , Laura Freire, Laura ran off and left me 
to go and live in barcelona to study textiles , the story of the gilding is here 
See some of Lauras gorgeous work at her blog here....
Now, I really am resting .
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