March 23, 2010

Seven aesthetic themes to my work

The post that first attracted me to the genius artist Sandra Eterovic  is here .
I've followed  her ever since ,I love her work and her blog  .  

Sandra tagged me to reveal 7 things about me, I think i've bored you all stupid on that here 
but I loved Sandra's take on the theme here ,
Sandra shared 7 aesthetic themes that inspire her work ,  so I'm shamelessly 
following suit.  
To illustrate each theme here, 
firstly, there's a  collage of photos from my  home and/or  work in preparation ,
and thats followed by 4 examples of the theme in my work .  
Aesthetic Themes :  Flowers

 j'adore flowers
aesthetic theme 1 Flowers in my work

2 FOLK ART/ HANDCRAFTED/EMBRODIERY/ ( is there a catch all phrase to include all 3 )

( and look at all those flowers too...)
Aesthetic theme 7  Embrodiery/Folk art

Aesthetic Themes :  Geometry
aesthetic theme 2 Geometry

Aesthetic Themes :  Metallics

Aesthetic theme 4 Metallics/Irisdescence

5 BLACK ( particularly as a background/blackground colour) 
Aesthetic Themes :  Black as a  background

Aesthetic theme 3 Black as a background

Aesthetic Themes : Mirror /Reflective

[ N.B. spot the monkey ]

Aesthetic theme 5 Mirrored

7 COLOUR, Colour and more colour
Aesthetic Themes : Colours
Aesthetic theme 6 Colours

 The themes overlap quite a lot,
This was an interesting excercise for me...
I must go now to work on my latest masterpiece ..
Something really colourful shiny and sparkly with lots of handcrafted  flowers  
on a black background with lots of geometric pattern...

 I'm supposed to tag seven others but instead , I'd like to just tag YOU. 

 What inspires you?  

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