November 5, 2009

Side project- Sewing: Patchwork 1

This is my very forlorn unfinished patchwork project.

patchwork : waiting to be finished resize

I started it in the depths of winter last year , Our Gas boiler had broken and we were lighting the fire
every night and so beside it I'd sit , hand-sewing, answering only to the name Pegeen Mike .

But then the boiler got fixed and the weather got better.
And to compound matters I started blogging and that's been the ruination of me....

If I finished it, It'd be my first ever patchwork quilt and my kinda mother -'in'-law
Eileen ( Champion Quilter) Fahey who got me started on hexagons will have finally,
after many years of persistence got me to make a quilt.

So , I'm going to take it up again and to help me in that regard ,I got some new fabric stash
at the Knitting and Stitching show last weekend .

new fabric cache

The exhibitions at the Knitting and stitching show were textile heaven ...real inspirational stuff ,
especially Louise Baldwin , Lisa Connolly and Kirsty Whitlock and I still can't get the deeply affecting work of
Rozanne Hawlsley out of my head.

You never know where this patchwork might lead.....
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