May 8, 2009

My Home - A few of my favourite things

It's been a while since we visited the
'My home' department of Jaboopee
So today I'm going to bring you on
a little tour and show you a few of
my favourite things

I'm going to use this first photo of my bedroom
for the "whats your style in one picture " challenge

It's my bedroom and it sums up everything I love about interiors,
Collections, golds, deep colours, re-imagined furniture
and surprises.............drums in a bedroom? also you can just
about see the mannequin that is the last photo in this post.

If I could sum up My interior style in a few words it'd be
..... Surrounding myself with the things I love.

My Lovely drums, A small part of my gold mirror collection ,
and the first chair I ever re-upholstered.

My new favourite cup from one of my favourite shops,
STOCK in Chatham St.

And finally, Everything here is a favourite ,
The curtains ,the mannequin, the beaded bag ,
the necklaces (especially the green one),
and most importantly the beautiful
embroidered waistcoat my mother brought
back from Hungary in 1985.

And that concludes the jaboopee mini tour ,
I'll be back with plenty more where that came from .
Hope you have a lovely weekend .

In house photography by In house photographer: Ms Cait Fahey

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