May 12, 2009

The Bloom Garden Festival and Me

Back on April 10Th I did a posting on Proposal Number 1,
which was my attempt to have my work featured in this year's
Bloom Garden festival, aka The Irish Chelsea Flower show

I'm delighted and excited to finally reveal that I was successful,
There's been lots of drawing and planning going on here for
the last week but it's all been finalised and it's now officially
all systems go.

I don't want to give too much away just yet as to what exactly
I'll be doing as I'd love to do a big reveal of the work in
situ, so for the moment ,I'll be posting little snippets and sneak peaks
of the work as it proceeds furiously ahead.

Here are two photos from the planning stage.

The deadline for completion is 26th May, I'm afraid to actually
add that up in terms of days but it WILL be done in time.
I just hope I'll still have a life while I'm doing it.

Re. Blogging, I decided last week the way to get over the weekly blogging hump that happens every Wednesday is to just not post on that day ,easy peasy, see you on Thursday ;0).
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