June 24, 2015

Ennis national school commission : Photographs : Individual Portraits

Ennis Part 2:  Individual Portraits 
Re : Portraits  1-3 . A boy and girl from each class is depicted. The face shapes /clothes and characteristics are based exactly on the actual drawings from the pupils. 
The pupils are depicted standing in front of notice boards that display the pupils original artwork that I have scaled down and  made into permanent glass tile decals   Each notice board  represents a class . The pupils artworks that I’ve depicted show their drawings  that represent,  how they see themselves, what they love, where they live and what they do in school.

Portrait 1 : Junior and Senior infants . 

Portrait 2: 1st ,2nd and 3rd class 

Portrait 3: 4th ,5th and 6th class 

 Portrait 4 : “The Parents and Grandparents of Ennis NS”

This portrait references the parents and grand-parents of the school and includes their  ‘words of wisdom’ and advice . The  Portrait is displayed at ‘child’ level. I have depicted 6 parents /grandparents, each has a mirror face so that the observer can be the reflection and they can see themselves as an adult with adult characteristics.

 The  speech bubbles  contain  a selection of  the answers to the 6 questions that were posed to the parents and grand parents in an interview  by the pupils. 
The questions were 
1: What was school like when you were young ? 
2 :What is the most important thing you ever learnt in school ? 
3: What do you remember most about school ? 
4:What is the most important lesson life has taught you ?
5 :What was the best advice you ever got ? 

6 : What advice would you give to your child now ? 

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