November 1, 2010

A real life poet is guest blogging here today and she speaks truth.

{This  all quite on the Jaboopee front  is about to change,  
 because today,  ....*drum roll please*
.... the cavalry has  arrived.....Could everybody please be upstanding , 
Mise is in the room and she has something crucial to tell you all.    }

Hello. I'm Mise from Pretty Far West.
What a joy and an honour it is to be here today,
like winning the lottery without the money, only better.
 Here's a little poem for Elaine. I've always wanted to be more like her.

Not only are you truly a whizz at doing mosaic,
you know a famous footballer and taught your son to bake.
Every time we read your blog we console ourselves with cake
as we look with constant envy at the lovely things you make.
We'd like to be as pretty as your famous lampshade dresses,
we sympathise with you on your renovation messes,
we want to see St Brigid and admire how she progresses
but your roundy light up above leaves us with only guesses.
We wish we quilted like you and owned a bed of gilt
but our own meagre creations always clash and tilt.
A glimpse of Joe and his guitars would surely make our day
If those pesky stained glass panels weren't in our way...

...when we perch outside your windows, gazing sadly in,
gaining extra height from the Marigold tin
and vowed at least to copy your ingredients and delf.

Jaboopee, you're rightfully revered throughout the nation;
We thought we'd pay you tribute with this art installation

of shades and feathers, flowers and such
-- Yes, you're right, it isn't much,
compared with your tree;
It's clearly true:
We're not like you.

{ Thank you very much   Mise , 
I am honoured and humbled in equal measure , will you be my agent ? }

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