October 8, 2009

lampSHAPES revealed

As promised, here are the photos of some of the lamps I made last year ,
sitting room corner
I love how attaching different lamps to each other results in this torso/ dress shape
so I carried that through ....for the next one
The shape here is real dress size ....I used a silver boob tube to cover the top lamp shape
and a lace skirt, lined with purple satin with a ra ra skirt trim ...
[all material found/recycled.]

Then carrying that body shape further this is 3 lampshades joined together and embellished with this gorgeous floral headpiece i bought of an amazingly dressed woman in the craft market in newmarket square ( dee, your her number 1 fan, what's her name? )
I've also added some ivy , glass chandelier globs and recycled lamp trim.

..and seeing as i'm in the bedroom....here's a little glimpse of the gold bed

gold bedroom

{I'll be getting my in house photographer to take some better photos for me.}
and starting on this seasons models .

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