September 21, 2009

testing testing testing

I'm feeling a little bit blogged out....I've changed the template and format of my blog to allow for bigger photos,and I don't think its working .....
I guess from wednesday's comments there may be problems
I'm seeking your counsel, good kind reader to see if its working ok ?

family portrait as cups
'landscape" photo 1: family portrait as cups: clockwise from l>r : j,f,c,me.

cake cafe bike park

'portrait' photo 2: bike park at the cake cafe :

I've posted a portrait and landscape photo , i can see both very well on my 20" screen ,BUT, if you have a smaller screen/ laptop does the image compact to fit that screen or do you have to scroll acrossways? ( ie are you seeing 4 cups {and a teapot} ?and 4ish bikes )

If you are viewing on google reader do you see photographs and well as text?

how does text look , i've saved all of these below as different size
can you read all the options here and do they appear different?
1. can you read this text
2.can you read this text
3.can you read this text
4.can you read this text
5.can you read this text

I spent a lot of time changing things around with lots of problems, ..
and now having changed the template ,i look back through old posts and see that its affected that layout ,i'm inclined to just revert to what is was.......
I 've a bit of a pain in my head and other area with it all.
Thank you in advance oh good kind extremely discerning and very attractive reader.

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