July 30, 2009

The copper foiling technique

The skills swop workshop :
jaboopee -v- akka design

In return for Laura teaching me to gild recently,
I taught her the glass making technique known as copper foiling,

Laura wanted to make a light catcher ,
and came up with this really clever design .

Thanks laura ,for modelling the copper foil technique .
This is a step by step of all the processes .

1 : Designing and making the template ,

2 : Choosing the Glass

3 : Cutting the glass

4: Grinding and polishing glass edges

5 :Applying the eponymous copper foil adhesive tape

6: All pieces copper-foiled with edges burnished

7: Flux application , ready for spot-soldering

8: Soldering

9:Patina application

Laura unsurprisingly was a fantastic student and did a great job.
She has taken a picture of the light catcher in situ,
and you can see it over here at her blog

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Gilding the bed. We are expecting a delivery of
judean bitumen from france any day now and that'll be it' s final coat .

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