April 28, 2009

Mosaic work : Kitchen Floor

Today I'm going to show you something of what we in the 'trade'
call "quick stage" mosaic . It's the mosaic process that uses broken
tiles ,that are usually applied directly to the surface to be mosaiced .

My kitchen floor below is an example of quick stage work . For my design
I had to work within the constraints of using only the marble aggregate
tiles and off-cuts that were left over from the realt na mara base decoration.

Photo 1: Bird's eye view of the finished kitchen floor ,

With 'quick stage' mosaic you have to work on site and,
as your surface is rapidly drying cement, your working against the
clock and the design is usually more free hand .

"Quick-stage" does have its place and uses but I do prefer the more
classic mosaic method.

I'm a detail person and I prefer to work to precise designs where
the mosaic or glass is placed directly onto a mesh , I also prefer to
work with glass rather than ceramics as the shapes and cuts are
much more detailed and precise.

You can find details of that whole classic mosaic process explained in one of my
recent postings here .

Detail shot of finished floor.

I didn't take any photos of the during process but the following
two photos show the pre-grout stage.

This floor will have to be removed to accommodate the planned new extension .
I'm really looking forward to planning the new kitchen floor,
I want it to be a truly spectacular, classic meets contemporary glass mosaic floor.

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