March 4, 2009

Toy- Portraits 6

The introduction to my "Portrait as a Toy " work,
aka "Episodes from our lives as depicted by kept and found children's toys"
is coming to an end.

Today's portrait is from the beginning of the Me & Joe Story.

This particular lift home on the back carrier of Joe's push bike ended in the four courts with me being fined £10 for dangerous driving on a push bike!

I do have lots more to show but I think I'll leave that for another day.
Tomorrow, If I can I 'm going to post a picture of them all in situ .

There is a very curious ,co-incidental and all out weird karma thing
going on !
That last toy -portrait is about an incident from 1983
the year Me and Joe met.

Last Friday , I won the friday find over at lucys lounge
and so I went in to collect my surprise prize and this
is what it was.....

The Wanderley Wagon yearbook from 1983!!!!BRILLIANT!

Not only was it the best childrens TV programme when we were kids
it was the only childrens TV programme when we were kids.

Deirdre had no idea that was the year of the beginning
of the Elaine & Joe Story.

I love the book and I love the special certificate Deirdre has made too,
Everything about Deirdres shop is amazing and I'm going
to post a little more about it on Friday.
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