March 26, 2009

Stained glass : The SPIDER'S WEB WINDOW


I was commissioned by a Mr. Sirius Darkly, to create these
windows. They form a part of the entrance hallway to his
imposing 17th century stately manor.

It was stipulated that the windows were to have a dual-purpose.
" To be a beauty to behold, but a torture to the touch ."

For an extra $39,004, I complied with his request and secreted a
noxious poison in the shimmering black iridescent body of this
vicious black widow spider .

Mr. Sirius Darkly and his family knew never to touch
the spiders body .

Who ever didn't know , Shouldn't have been there,
If they did touch it ,They died.


All the characters mentioned are fictional and any similarity to anyone at all is purely unintentional .

Apologies to the "Bakers " for indirectly referring to them as some sort of assassins !
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